Superior Protection Bracelet

Materials: Lava beads, tiger eye beads and rhinestone beads. 

Size: 8.5, large wrist 

Tiger eye is a chalcedony and is formed when crocidolite fibers are transformed to iron oxides and then replaced by silica. In the past this particular stone was worn as an amulet of protection. 


  • Provides protection 
  • Inspires creative thinking 
  • Enhances good luck & prosperity 
  • Eliminates fear 
  • Instills willpower 
  • Increases confidence 
  • Promotes peace and balance 
  • Improves focus 
  • Re-energizes the senses 

Chakra: Sacral & solar plexus 

Zodias: Capricorn & Leo 

Affirmation: 'I have the strength to overcome challenges and setbacks" 

Element: Fire & earth 

Lava beads are cooled molten rock, also called basalt. It was first used in jewelry in the 18th century when the buried cities of Pompei was located; locals wanted this material as a souvenir, so it was crafted into forms of jewelry. 


  • Balance emotions
  • Eliminates anger & negativity 
  • Serves as an oil diffuser 
  • Powerful calming abilities 
  • Alleviates anxiety and manages stress
  • Enhances creativity 
  • Enhances libido 
  • Considered to be a fertility stone